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Focus Stacking (cont).

This is one of a series of articles exploring the advances in technology within the photographic world.

The Dead Bee  

While working in the Annexe, I found a dead bee.  As I wanted to hone my skills with Macro photography, I decided to use this subject to create an extreme macro.

To get the entire bee into focus I took eight shots, focusing on different parts of the subject.

The focusing ring on the lens was directly in behind the ring flash and was extremely difficult to manipulate - a clear case of needing a focusing rail .

Once the shots were taken, they were taken into Photoshop and converted from RAW format into JPEG's, as the stacking software  used doesn’t deal with RAW images.

The images have been combined in Photoshop and Combine ZP for comparison.

The Set up

This is the set up I used.

Combined in Combine ZP

Combined in Photoshop