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About Me

I was introduced to photography by a friend, some 43 years ago.  

This friend was a Nikon devotee who urged me to buy a Nikon SLR. However, with a growing family to support, my finances could only stretch to a second hand Praktica with a couple of kit lenses.  This camera served me well until my sight deteriorated through cataracts - indeed I still have it packed away somewhere.

There was a period of time when I had to put photography on a back burner when my eyesight failed through cateracts.

When my eyesight was restored, (what a marvellous advance in medical technology that operation is), the digital age was upon us.

My first digital camera was a Fuji bridge camera where I embarked on a steep learning curve, especially in post processing.  I quickly progressed to a DSLR in the shape of a Nikon D60, and as finances allowed a Nikon D5100.

I now own a Nikon D5300, although I still use the 5100 frequently.

I made a mistake in buying a Sigma 120-400 mm lens in that the weight of the lens has proved, (in my advancing years), too much to cart about for eight hours.  I now use the superior optics of  Nikon 50-300 mm lens and rely on that superiority for cropping.

I am now the proud owner of a Tamron 90mm  1:2.8 macro lens.  I have been blown away with the superb clarity of this prime lens and have nothing but good to say about it.

About me

About this site

This site is purely to showcase my work and, hopefully, share the knowledge I’ve gleaned with like minded people who wish to further their journey through this fascinating hobby.  

I have never sought to earn money from my photography - the  moment I do that, my hobby stops being a passion and becomes a chore;  I simply can’t be bothered with all that faffing.

I have recently noticed from the statistics that some images have been downloaded, in other words, stolen.

I have therefore put some script in place to try to stop this.  Any person who circumvents this security will have their IP address reported to their Internet service provider as abuse.

All the images displayed on this site have been reduced in size for the Internet and are useless for printing purposes.  If there is an image that takes your fancy, simply contact me via the contacts page and I will endeavour to supply, wherever possible, a full size image suitable for printing for free.  

Any such image is for personal use only - the copyright will remain mine; reproduction of any such image requires my explicit permission in writing.

New visitors will see the Cookie overlay which will automatically disappear after 10 seconds. The cookies are used purely to see what pages my visitors looked at to determine how I might develop the site.  No information whatsoever is shared. Any subsequent visits will not result in the cookie overlay appearing.  This is to comply with European law.